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Return and Refund Policy:

Due to the nature of our products we have a no refund policy. We do have a 100% Guarantee that we will assist you with getting your device working.

If you are absolutely certain this product will not work for you, we offer a 14 exchange policy where we will provide you with an in store credit to be used to purchase of our other products. This credit is only applied once the product has been returned to head office location. Email for more details.

Damaged Items:

If you receive a damaged or malfunctioning product, please notify us immediately for instructions on  replacement. In Most cases if damage is reported within 30 days of purchase shipping is covered.


You may be eligible for an upgrade. If you have purchased your device in the last 60 days a full credit will  be applied to the upgraded device upon the exchange of the current model. Beyond 60 days the credit  applied for an updated device varies.

Warranty and Exchanges:

Our DC Simple Media Players are covered under 1 year warranty.  We will replace a unit if it deemed defective or damaged by the technical department.

The warranty does not cover physical damaged caused by misuse. It also does not cover a factory reset of  the device.   If you need to make a warranty claim email with the following information:

  •  Your full name as seen on your account registration
  •  A contact number you may be reached at
  •  The reason for your exchange

Once a warranty claim or exchange is approved a replacement device will be shipped to you. Replacement devices may be new or refurbished versions of the same model or a comparable one.  Shipping cost vary based upon location and will be discussed with you prior to the shipment of your  device.